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Dancing on the Cloud

Create Your One of a Kind Moment

Share your first dance on a cloud that’s sure to surprise and delight guests while creating a swoon worthy atmosphere. Or enhance your grand entrance and stun your family and friends. This special effect has recently become one of the most popular, must-have wedding additions that we offer. Our dry ice source fog machine creates a thick, ultra low-lying fog that remains for approximately 2.5 to 3 minutes and dissipates quickly. Though dry ice is generally a venue’s preferred source of fog, please be sure to confirm any venue restrictions.


Why you need Dancing on the Cloud:

  • Creates a Romantic Atmosphere

  • Provides Glamorous Moments

  • Produces Stunning Photographs

  • Delivers a Unique Experience

  • First Dance or Grand Entrance

  • Safe Effect for Any Wedding

  • Residue Free

  • Will Leave Guests in Awe

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