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DJ Eddie Harper

Where I came from:

I have been DJ’ing for approximately 8 years, coming up on 9 here soon.  I have proudly performed over 250 successful weddings, and over 400 successful events in total! Whoa :o


My favorite thing about being a DJ/MC is taking a couples special evening and creating an unforgettable memory of a lifetime!


My favorite part of a wedding event is The GRAND ENTRANCE! This is the first point in the reception where I really get to motivate the guests to be energized and “hyped up” to welcome in the new couple. A strong grand entrance can be critical to the energy for the rest of the evening. Accompanied by great music during dance time of course ;)

Why Lightwave
Custom Lighting System 2.jpg
Custom Lighting System.jpg

What sets you apart from other DJ’s? Well from what I’ve been told fairly consistently, I am more interactive than most DJ’s people have seen at past weddings they've attended


Under normal non-pandemic circumstances, I have no issue getting out on the floor and leading the guests in some dance moves. In fact, I love it! With the current circumstances however, it has definitely been a change of pace having to hold back quite a bit constantly, but everyone’s safety and well-being will always come first in my book. I still do everything in my power to make it a fun party for everyone while staying safe ;)


Also, if a couple prefers a more tame event from the get-go, I have no issue simply playing music and catering to a more “chill-vibe”. In the end, I’m here to help make their vision come to light, whatever it takes.


What do you enjoy most about working with Lightwave Entertainment? I feel like everyone says this, but honestly, they really do put their clients first! Not only are you going to get an awesome and experienced DJ that fits your needs (if I do say so myself), but our staff’s experience and expertise in all things lighting, audio, and visual are going to make your event look and sound incredible!


From the moment you walk in the room, to the moment your event is over, your evening is going to be an amazing unforgettable experience!

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