Bring Your Vision to Light with Lightscaping!

When it comes to Wedding Planning, its the big stuff that immediately comes to mind. The tasks of booking a venue, finding a dress, choosing the cuisine, and hiring the entertainment is all quite simple. Yet, when the big day finally arrives, its all the little details that will matter most. All too often it seems the most overlooked little detail is lighting, and its actually quite a big deal.

Wedding Experts find this circumstance puzzling. Lighting is one of the single most important details to florists, decorators, photographers, and planners. Yet, its last on the list or often ignored completely by couples as they plan their own wedding. We find that its not because they're not interested but instead they just don't know what they're missing. Once a couple even said, "no thanks, our venue has lights" only to go on describing the room's dimmable recessed lighting. Lucky for them, they reconsidered!

Why is Lighting Important? - There is a separate Blog Post that sums up this question quite nicely. This link will open in a new tab for those who wish to catch up on why lighting matters and how its application is unique to a couple's vision and venue. - Lighting: Not All Looks are Created Equal!

The photo above is of a venue our lighting designers absolutely LOVE! The blank canvas of the all-white pavilion offers a wide range of design possibilities. Extending beyond the pavilion, custom designs here often incorporate the adjacent lawn and firepit to encourage continued utilization of open space at night.

Lightscaping, as we call it, is Wedding Lighting Design. Partnering a couple's unique taste and vision with the well trained eye of a professional lighting designer to determine which elements fit best within a venue. This service is capable of transforming anyone's reception hall into an extraordinary occasion that is uniquely theirs and for their night only! This next photo is of the same venue, accentuated by a bride who desired bright pinks and floral patterns.

This bride's vision included a uplighting, a color wash, texture lighting, and pinspot highlighting of her most important tables and centerpieces throughout the pavilion. The effects were subtle, light and airy through dinner then turned into the stunning, party atmosphere shown as the night fell into festivities and dancing. Her taste and vision was hers, and hers alone for the extraordinary occasion that was her wedding day.

This summer we look forward to the opportunity to fulfill a completely different vision of another bride utilizing the same space. This time, our challenge is to recreate this next photo which she provided as her inspiration.

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