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Featured Friday: Dalena & Ryan!

Introducing this week's #FeaturedFriday, Dalena & Ryan!

Dalena & Ryan will be celebrating their Big Day on Saturday, June 26th at Valley of the Eagles in Elyria

Ryan and I met six short years ago by accident or by fate as we say! We both work in healthcare in the greater Cleveland area and we happened to be working together in an operating room. Ryan started a conversation about cars and a part he was looking for. Well, my brother is a mechanic and comes across random cars/parts daily. Ryan gave me his phone number to share with my brother and I texted him later sharing that I passed his information on to my brother.

We started texting, I asked him on our first date, and now (six years later) we are about to tie the knot!

In the years between, Ryan and I moved in together, adopted Tony (our cat that showed up on our porch and never left), I finished my BSN, Ryan’s almost finished with his second degree, we got engaged while on a vacation to Niagara Falls, bought Ryan’s childhood home, and are currently renovating the whole house and planning our wedding!

It’s crazy how an innocent conversation one day at work, can turn into an amazing relationship!

Our life has been so busy, and very stressful (especially this last year), but rewarding, and so beautiful. It may be crazy but it’s our kind of crazy!

Planning a wedding during the pandemic has been quite stressful and full of ups and downs and surprises. Our outlook on planning has been choosing what we can look back on years from now that will make our hearts smile!

Newly Engaged Couples:

We would LOVE to feature you! Send us your bio and engagement photos to be one of our next featured couples!


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