Featured Friday: DJ Dean!

Introducing this week's #FeaturedFriday, DJ Dean!

Hi! I am DJ Dean, I learned how to mix music back in middle school and have been actively performing for a variety of crowds over the past 7 years! I took the jump into the Professional World in early 2019, and wow has everything changed!

I am going on my third year of being a resident DJ at Cedar Point, where I DJ/Host/MC all sorts of fun shows and festivals. The residency has developed my style into a very energetic and upbeat DJ/Host. I am not afraid to get on the microphone, "pump up" the party, or teach a line dance out on the floor. Yet, I do know when its time to just put my head down and mix the music. I pride myself on beatmatching, which is a skill used to seamlessly transition from song to song.

Over the past several years I have performed for a wide variety of events including School Dances, Live Stream Events, Weddings, Night Clubs, and Private Events. While each of these event types hold a special place in my heart, Weddings are my favorite!

I enjoy bringing energy to a couple's special day and setting tones that enhance a feeling of love in the room all night long. In fact, it is not uncommon for me to shed a tear during the ceremony, a speech, or a special dance right along with the couple's family and friends.

I always strive to create lasting memories for everyone out on the dance floor and cannot wait to offer this contribution to your special celebration!

Newly Engaged Couples:

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