Featured Friday: Our DJ/MC Lineup!

Updated: Mar 24

Blue and pink lit up DJ Booth rented out by Lightwave Entertainment in Ohio.

Introducing this week's #FeaturedFriday, Lightwave Entertainment's DJ/MC Lineup!

At Lightwave Entertainment, we pride ourselves in having a truly outstanding lineup of Professional, Wedding DJ/MCs. Only the best are chosen through an extensive, multi-stage interview and audition process. We ask the long list of screening questions every couple should ask prior to hiring their entertainment. Then, we get know their style and have heard them play, well before we trust them to perform for your Big Day! All of our DJs own their music, play from a hard drive, and maintain a music library capable of covering your desired genres, specifically desired songs, and most guest requests. In addition, we only play the "clean tracks" unless specifically requested otherwise by the couple or client.

Taking the service one-step further, your full-service entertainment team is not just your DJ! Every event includes at least one technician. This individual is responsible for ensuring all equipment is functioning as intended, controls the intelligent dance floor lighting system, and is available to help out as needed!

Read-On to learn more about each individual DJ/MC

DJ booth setup for rent by Lightwave Entertainment with a technician standing by to ensure all the equipment works smoothly.

DJ Alyssa

Hi! I'm DJ Alyssa. I started in the event and wedding industry at the age of 15, now, over 10 years later, I still love what I do! I started as a tech, became a motivational dancer, and eventually accomplished my goal of becoming a DJ/MC. I have been performing as a professional DJ for over 4 years now with more than 200 events worth of experience. The best way to describe my MC style is bubbly, fun, energetic, and determined to keep the dance floor hopping! As your evening's entertainer it is my goal to make sure that you have the best night of your life. You shouldn’t have to stress on your Big Day and I want to be the one you can count on to make your day, the best it can be!

Wedding and party DJ/MC Alyssa with Lightwave Entertainment.

DJ Brandon

Hello, my name is DJ Brandon. I have been producing music for 13 years and performing as a Professional DJ/MC for 9 years. I began performing in clubs and have since performed in many full-scale festivals! Despite this degree of success, I thoroughly enjoy every opportunity to DJ/MC for a wedding. Its always fun to let the newlywed couple choose the genres and take the evening's spotlight! I have an eclectic taste in music that assists me in staying well-rounded and up to date with all of your desired music selections. My library overflows with the many generations of Top 40 Pop Hits as well as Salsa, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Light Cocktail Music, and even German, Indian, and Polka music upon request!

Wedding DJ and MC Brandon with Lightwave Entertainment.

DJ Dean

Hi! I am DJ Dean, I learned how to mix music back in middle school and have been actively performing for a variety of crowds over the past 7 years! I took the jump into the Professional World in early 2019, and wow has everything changed! I am going on my third year of being a resident DJ at Cedar Point, where I DJ/Host/MC all sorts of fun shows and festivals. The residency has developed my style into a very energetic and upbeat DJ/Host. I am not afraid to get on the microphone, "pump up" the party, or teach a line dance out on the floor. Yet, I do know when its time to just put my head down and mix the music. I pride myself on beatmatching, which is a skill used to seamlessly transition from song to song. Over the past several years I have performed for a wide variety of events including School Dances, Live Stream Events, Weddings, Night Clubs, and Private Events. While each of these event types hold a special place in my heart, Weddings are my favorite! I enjoy bringing energy to a couple's special day and setting tones that enhance a feeling of love in the room all night long. In fact, it is not uncommon for me to shed a tear during the ceremony, a speech, or a special dance right along with the couple's family and friends. I always strive to create lasting memories for everyone out on the dance floor and cannot wait to offer this contribution to your special celebration!

DJ/MC Dean for weddings and parties hired out by Lightwave Entertainment.

DJ Eddie

Hello, I am DJ Eddie. I have been DJ’ing for approximately 9 years, proudly performing for over 250 weddings and over 400 events in total! My favorite thing about being a DJ/MC is taking a couple's special evening and creating an unforgettable memory of a lifetime. I especially enjoy the wedding party's Grand Entrance as this is the first point in the reception where I really get to motivate the guests to be energized and "hyped up" to welcome the newlywed couple. I feel a strong Grand Entrance is critical to the energy of the remainder of the evening, accompanied by great music during dance time of course! I have been told that my DJ/MC style is more interactive than most. I love joining guests on the dance floor and leading the party through some dance moves. Though, if a couple prefers a more tame event from the get-go, I have no issue simply playing music and catering to a more “chill-vibe”. In the end, I’m here to help make their vision come to light, whatever it takes!

DJ/MC Eddie with Lightwave Entertainment working at a wedding party venue.

DJ Hector

Hello, my name is DJ Hector. I have been a DJ for nearly 30 years! This lifelong passion has been fueled by my love for music, entertainment, and the satisfaction of creating memorable events. I consider myself an energetic DJ. I love to blend and transition songs seamlessly to ensure a continuous spotlight on your special day. When performing, it is a necessity as an entertainer to be able to feel the crowd. I take pride in keeping guests dancing, laughing, and enjoying those once in a lifetime moments. I've performed for countless events surrounding my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and, throughout my career, I have fulfilled requests to travel to different cities, across state lines, and even to Canada! I've been honored to be a part of a wide-variety of event types including Schools Dances, Golf Outings, Concerts, Nightclubs, Sweet 16 Parties, Quinceneras, Private Events, and Weddings. Weddings are one of my particular favorites. I value weddings due to the in-depth, customized values and instructions from the bride and groom. As a Master of Ceremonies for Weddings, I find it easy to talk to groups large or small and strive to keep guests entertained during the softer, more intimate moments. Weddings have proven to be rewarding in more ways just being able to provide music. I feel blessed to have been invited to participate in the couples' special day. This is a gifted opportunity to witness the beginning of their lifelong commitment and the formation of a new lives, together as one. I am grateful for this and it is important to me that the bride, groom, and their families have a helping hand in anything they may need, beyond my primary duties as an entertainer. I look forward to being invited to help make your event even more special!

DJ/MC Hector working at a wedding venue for Lightwave Entertainment in Ohio.

DJ Ray

Hello! I am DJ Ray. My passion for music began at 5 years old when I began collecting 12-inch vinyl records. This passion turned full-fledged hobby by 13 as I began to mix, record, and practice as a DJ at 13 years old. My career in music truly bloomed as a Radio DJ for about 8 years which is where I developed a good personality on the microphone. Since then, I have spent over 10 years as a DJ/MC for a wide-variety of events, including countless weddings. It is not uncommon for me to hear from a guest of a wedding I performed, requesting I DJ/MC for their upcoming wedding too! My MC style is energetic with a focus on clear enunciation and a concise message. I believe that the Bride & Groom are the stars of the evening, thus I prefer to keep announcements limited to the necessary moments and let the music do the talking. While playing music I go for the memories, bringing back long-lost thoughts to people's minds through music. My music library is enormous to the point where some have considered me a hoarder of digital music files. I stay up to date through my eclectic taste in music and studying what is popular regardless of my own personal interests. I also pay special attention to a couples' favorite genres and have learned further through their interests. While playing music I enjoy mixing, layering, and looping songs around each other while focusing on the crowd and finding ways to keep them on the dance floor!

DJ and MC Ray at a wedding venue working for Lightwave Entertainment.

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