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The Photo Booth: An Interactive Guest Book!

Taking photos is one of the most common activities of any Wedding Day. In many cases, bridal parties start taking pictures eight or more hours ahead of the ceremony itself! Capturing all the memories truly makes sense. This day will happen too fast and there's so much more to enjoy than dinner and dancing.

The majority of photos taken will feature the newlywed couple and likely include the immediate bridal party. This collection is a great start, but its just a snapshot of the large gathering of individuals whom were invited to share this day! So, how could all those hundreds of guests be invited to the photo shoot too?

How about...enhance the Guest Book with a Photo Booth!

These two engaging activities, joined as one, just became exponentially more fun! Guests are invited to grab a prop, strike a few poses, and add their photo to the book along with their heartfelt message. These photos are unlimited throughout the evening and often become surprisingly more interesting after dinner.

In recent years the open-air photo booth has become especially popular. This type offers better accessibility and flexibility in customizing its backdrop to fit a theme. Backdrops are usually pipe & drape with fabrics that best fit the wedding's colors and style. However, in the case a couple is seeking something more elaborate, a custom design may be created or provided. The open-air nature of the booth also gives others a chance to observe the activity, choose to participate, or even bomb a photo!

Photos are printed with a customized border and footer which includes the couple's name, wedding date, and a design that matches the wedding theme. Depending on preference, prints are designed in a 2x6 or 4x6 format and may include 3 or 4 photos. Guests are offered a copy of every photo they take either physically, electronically, or both. The newlywed couple is provided with a flash drive of all photos taken along with their completed guest book.

Throughout the evening many guests will request a photo with the newlywed couple. Considering its professional quality camera, theme-fitting backdrop, and wide-range of available props why not take these at the photo booth! Plus, since its open-air the bride & groom could just hop in others' photos at anytime!


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