Uplighting: The Foundation of Wedding Lighting

Have you ever viewed photos of a wedding and found yourself in awe of the details and romantic ambiance of the event space? While so much attention is placed on the chosen décor, elegant table dressings, or themed centerpieces its ultimately lighting that made it all pop! Wedding Lighting is that background element working to emphasize décor, mask unsightly details, and reveal the hidden beauty within any venue!

Couples are often unaware of the dramatic capabilities of proper accent lighting. Many venues are gorgeous at first glance, seemingly perfect just the way they’re set. Though, most couples tour venues in the daytime and well before any thought goes into their own décor and theme. The topics on this tour are availability, pricing, and venue specific services such as tables, chairs, and catering. It is incredibly unlikely they’ll notice the venue’s existing lighting is basic and not meant for flattering their wedding day dreams.

The foundation for most lighting design packages is uplighting. Though it does not serve as a standalone solution for making a reception truly pop, it’s the best place to start. The simple addition of uplighting has the power to immediately transform a room with the flick of a switch. It refreshes the atmosphere by strategically highlighting the details you want seen and distracting the eye from that you wish to hide. Done properly, it adds a sense of depth and background to your photos and videography.

Wedding Uplighting consists of numerous discreetly placed light sources at the base of architectural details or points of interest, typically around the perimeter of either an indoor or outdoor space. They project light upwards, creating pillar effects that highlight the venue’s best features while creating an ambient glow capable of governing the overall wedding vibe.

The most important appeal of wedding lighting, including uplighting is that you can select your own colors, hues, and intensities in any combination you desire. Amber is the most universally flattering as it adds a romantic yet formal glow, though some couples seek to accent their wedding colors throughout a venue. Uplighting may also be programmed to change colors throughout the evening or tie into your dance floor lighting once the party begins.

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